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Product Lines

Our pistons are produced in a silicon aluminum alloy (4032). Pistons made from this alloy have low expansion ratio, excellent wear resistance and high thermal conductivity.
After the second or third stage of the forging process, we manage a fine grain structure oriented in fibers in the same direction of the stresses. Several of the heat treatments give pistons high resistance to traction and a uniform hardness distribution. Specially designed machines and CNC machinery are used in the manufacturing of pistons. The use of diamond tools is essential to achieve high accuracy and high quality finished parts, some of their characteristics being the perpendicularity and flatness of the ring grooves, the grinding of the piston skirt and the finishing of the bolt hole. Quality control is performed after each step of the manufacturing process. It begins when the composition and metallography of the alloy is analyzed; and then, control goes on during the forging process and heat treatment. Controls are made in an adequate conditioned atmosphere to ensure reliability of the dimensions according to the international rules of measuring and quality. To accomplish this, we have profile analyzers and elliptical machines , grooves flatness analyzers, profilimeters, hardness and resistance test to traction equipments, etc. Finally, a phosphate coating is applied to protect the piston grooves against the micao welding and thus, it helps the lubrication of the piston skirt in the cylinder. Molybdenum Sulphur (Molycote) is also applied to the piston skirt according to the costumer's requirements.

Based on a sample, drawing or attached specifications, we produce pistons for several applications, such as high performance, vintage, etc. Taking into account the application, we produce the classical round piston or in Box format.

Pins: As well as forged pistons, we produce extruded piston bolts in different steel alloys under thermal and surface treatments. A wide variety of measures for different applications is available.

Eibach is well known around the world as a leader in springs production and technology, as well as in valve springs production, thereby considerably improving engine performance in different uses.

Power Kits for different engine applications are available. They include:
- Forged Pistons                      - High performance rings
- Bolts and block guards           - Forged Conrods
- Conrod Piston Pins                      - Competition crankshaft
We receive customized orders under costumer's requirements.