IASA is a company with a mission: offer our clients
a product based on our quality, experience and service.


The company started manufacturing in the year 1995. Alfredo Martínez, an engineer, was in charge of the company together with a productive and technical staff with over 25 years of experience in Buxton S.A., a leading company in Argentina that manufactured both cast and forged pistons and was a licensee of German and English piston companies.

The high technical capacity of this team and the suitability of the production team made a fast inclusion of pistons for competitions in the domestic market possible. Three years later, the company had already developed all the models of all the national categories and had displaced the imported products at that time.

By the years 2002/2003, exports to Europe began thanks to a range of achievements and market conditions.

In 2008, IASA was already exporting to Europe, United States of North America, and mainly to Brazil; and clients from Australia, South Africa and other areas were being looked forward.

After over 15 years and thanks to our effort and passion for car racing, we have been able to develop together with our clients, the highest performance champion pistons. This made us current leaders in the Argentinean market and one of the important protagonists at international level in the production of high performance forged pistons.

Nowadays, in 2012 and in the middle of our productive expansion, we are building a new integrated plant in Tortuguitas located in the province of Buenos Aires. In this way, we will be able to continue incorporating productive technologies to guarantee our clients in Argentina and around the world the best products.


Product Developement

These are some of the facts and highlighted products in the first 15 years of the company:


Market / Presence

We currently export to all regions/continents in the world.

*ARGENTINA, We are proud leaders in the market as providers of Turismo Carretera Championship, Turismo Nacional Championship and a number of other categories in the whole country. We also proudly take part in specific high performance developments.
*SOUTH AMERICA, We have strong presence and we are a market leader in Brazil and other countries such as Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela developing and providing our main clients with performance, categories and applications like Grag races, circuit, rally, etc.

*NORTH AMERICA, This is the main market for the American, Japanese and European line of compact engines. They are also extensively redistributed to the whole world from this country.
* EUROPE, From France and towards all Europe, we provide for important teams of Turismo Championship, Rally and other categories of high performance, including international categories such as WTCC. We also provide companies such as Peugeot/Citroen Racing with an empowerment programme.

We are one of the main providers of forged pistons to the Vintage industry of performance and restoration.
*AUSTRALIA, SOUTH AFRICA, and other specific areas. We develop and export pistons to be redistributed for special developments, empowerments and international categories like the 24h series.